Monday, 28 July 2014

makeup is my saviour.

As I’m new to this blogging stuff I thought I’d go for a topic that a lot of people do in blogs: ‘what’s in my makeup bag’, because every girl has a secret passion for makeup. I’m going to go through just the products that I use on a day-to-day basis, because if I did all my makeup this post would go on for days! Unfortunately I am one of those people who needs a bit of foundation and mascara to look like a normal human so I do have a lot of enthusiasm when it comes to my makeup bag :)

First I like to start with the ‘porefessional’ primer from Benefit beauty. I use a lot of Benefit beauty products because I have found that they are a pretty standard price, as far as makeup goes, but such good quality! The ‘porefessional’ primer is one of the softest primers I have ever used; it literally feels like rubbing silk on your face it also has a very slight tint which means it is brilliant to use to add a subtle bit of colour. I suffer with a bit of dry skin but since using this product it has got a million times better and means that all my other facial products settle really nicely on my skin.

Next I use the ‘fake-up’ Benefit under eye concealer. Without sounding like I’m quoting the Benefit beauty assistants, it is so rich in moisture that it instantly hydrates my eyes and adds a glow, which is mainly due to the hydrating ring that circles the concealer. I only use the smallest amount each time so I find this lasts me ages when I buy it. The only issue I did have to begin with was that where it is so moisturising the mascara on my bottom lashes was smudging if I put it on too soon after applying the concealer, so a handy tip is to do the rest of your makeup and allow the ‘fake-up’ to absorb before putting mascara on!

As I previously mentioned I do get quite dry skin, so when I apply my foundation I always add a little bit of moisturiser in to it, this is also the reason use liquid foundation as I find powder foundation can dry my skin out even more, I am currently using Avon ‘flawless’ foundation and have been for a couple of months now. I bought it on a whim and so far it has definitely done the job. I go for a slightly darker shade to allow for tanning during the summer and it blends in... well, flawlessly, there are no horrible foundation lines or patches and a little pump will offer coverage for your whole face, normally a pea sized amount will be all I need! I am shopping for a different foundation at the moment due to the fact that my skin is getting a lot better and I would love to be able to start using powder again, so if anyone has any suggestions of a good powder foundation please let me know! The moisturiser I use is another Benefit product! The ‘triple performing facial emulsion’ it’s a lovely soft moisturiser with SPF 15 so even if I’m having a makeup free day I love putting it on for gorgeous soft skin and a bit of sun protection as a bonus.

The next product I use is a simple Avon ‘glimmerstick’  eyebrow pencil. I just lightly colour my brow line to give my face a little more definition, which, until I started using it, I didn’t think would make that much of a difference, but if you have light or thin eyebrows and want to frame your face it is definitely an easy way to achieve that!

Once my makeup base is done I like to move on to my powders. like the majority of women I know my face never seems to tan quite as much as the rest of my body, meaning I look like I've had a dodgy spray tan only done up to my shoulders. I go through quite a lot of bronzer because of this and have found the cheap bronzers are as good as the brands! It's not a product I spend a lot on because all I use it for is to add a little hint of brown to my face to blend it in with my body and as long as it’s not insanely dark it normally does it's job! My blusher, on the other hand, is the product that I find (aside from mascara) makes my face look complete, Benefits ‘hervana’ is a gorgeous blend of pinks and purples and when mixed together and brushed on it gives a beautiful, subtle rosiness to my cheeks. I absolutely love this product and I use it every day and like so many on Benefits products, it seems to last for ages! I bought mine last May and I am only just about to buy a new pot now, cannot fault this product at all.

I looove mascaras and I am one of those terrible people who always believes the adverts that say “makes it look like fake lashes” “enhances lashes by 200%” but the never do, so when I saw everyone raving about (surprise, surprise!) Benefits ‘they’re real’ mascara I was sceptical and I wish I hadn't been! The difference it made to my lashes with one coat was outstanding, two coats was unbelievable! I absolutely love this mascara and I would 100% recommend to anyone. Everyone comments on my lashes when I wear this mascara and you do feel a little bit smug when people ask if they are fake!

Anyway, this post was supposed to be short and sweet but once I start talking about makeup I can’t seem to stop! The only thing I haven’t included in this post is the brushes I use as, to be honest, I just use whatever I can find! I use a mixture of Topshop, Avon, UBU, but I am always open to hearing about new products so if anyone can recommend a good brush set please let me know!


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