Friday, 1 August 2014

nike+ running app and cheap workout clothes.

After hearing a few people talking about this over the past couple of months i decided to download the Nike+ running app and am pleasantly surprised at how good it is for a free app. There’s a variety of things you can do on it, there’s your basic just ‘track my run’ which, if you enable GPS, will track where you ran and analyse which areas you ran the fastest, how long it took, calories burned and average minutes per mile, you can also give feedback on how you felt after your run. This has been so useful to me because I have felt like I’m making no progress but when you look at your averages on your activity page you will realise that you are getting faster and more consistent! There is a coach, challenges and a friend finder too.

The part of the app that I am using at the moment is the Nike Coach, I’m doing the ‘5k’ challenge which builds you up gradually over eight weeks to be able to run 5k. I’m only on my third week but am really enjoying this coaching. It sets out your goals for each day which, currently, is a day of brisk walking, a day of running, a day of cross training, a rest day, a day of brisk walking, a day of running an then a final day of walking, it shows you how far you have to walk/run and gives you a mileage goal for the week but if you can push yourself to do slightly over that it will take your extra miles into account, so go for it!

One of the problems I had was finding some running clothes and shoes that wouldn’t cost me hundreds of pounds and I stumbled across my answer while i was walking through george at asda! They have a limited variety but the clothes are practical and a very reasonable price if you’re not worried about labels. I got my running support top, cut off trousers and shoes from here and normally just throw a baggy t-shirt over the top; they are all mega comfy and lightweight and cost less than £30 for them all! You can get most of the set in either blue or pink, the blue is a really nice turquoise blue but I went for the super cute pink!

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