Friday 6 March 2015

beauty wishlist.

There are so many makeup products I want at the moment, unfortunately I am not very well off this month so I have put together a wishlist of beauty products ready for next months pay day!

Wednesday 4 March 2015

lipsy london two-piece.

I have finally received my uniform from Lipsy London and let me tell you I have had hours of fun picking out my outfits! I will probably talk about some of my other purchases at a later date when I get the chance to put outfits together and style them but I cannot contain my excitement for this two-piece any longer and have been talking about it to everyone!

Tuesday 3 March 2015

february in pictures.

February hasn't been an expectationally busy month for me, I started my new job which I love, found a super foundation and made some finishing touches to my house. I have been spending a lot more time with friends and family now I am in a different shift pattern and I seem to have had a month of binge eating too! I spent Valentines day with Jake and we enjoyed a night in with wine and chocolates and I am super excited we have come to the end of February as March is my birthday month. Here are some pictures from my month...

Monday 2 March 2015

bargain shoes.

I don't usually buy a lot of 'practical' shoes, normally when I purchase shoes they are heels that I don't really have an event for, but now I'm in a job where I have to be on my feet all day it was time to invest in a sensible pair! I'm normally quite picky with flat shoes, because I don't wear them much I like them to be versatile so I can pair them with different outfits, so I was pleasantly surprised when I went into george at ASDA....

Saturday 28 February 2015

butterbear bath.

Last night I had the pleasure of using the gorgeous 'butterbear' ballistic from Lush, the first thing I noticed before I even put it into the water was how divine it smelled, it was so sweet and fresh and, without trying to sound too cheesy, relaxing.
I didn't really take any pictures or videos as it was white and you couldn't really see the effect it was having but as soon as I dropped it into the water it started to fizz and the little fragments of colour released along with the cocoa butter. Once the whole ballistic has dissolved I jumped in and straight away I could feel the moisture in the bath and on my skin, it was so soft and silky! The smell lingered the whole time I was in the bath which was nice as I have found the they can sometimes fade quite quickly and once I had got out of the bath my skin continued to feel moisturised.

I really enjoyed using this product as I haven't used any of the 'butter' range before and I can't wait to purchase some more to use!


Thursday 26 February 2015

mini house haul.

Even though we have been in our house for five months now I am still in the process of getting everything together and making it feel homely, this week I decided to go out and do a little bit of a shop for some living room pieces and a few items for my kitchen, as I am now changing it to pastels.

Monday 23 February 2015

liz earle makeup.

In my last Liz Earle post I stated that I was waiting for an order I had placed with them to arrive which included some of their make-up, it came really quickly but unfortunately I have been so busy I wasn't able to write up my post straight away. I have been using it for a while now and have finally got around to writing my review so here are my thoughts on the Liz Earle make-up range!

Friday 20 February 2015

beauty box swap.

About once a week I sit down and read through endless of amounts of blogs, to get inspiration, find out about new products and read peoples reviews, during one of these sessions I came across the blog ohhsoglam by Sarah. At the time she was hosting an international beauty swap, I had a read through it and it sounded amazing, I left my details and not long after I received an e-mail pairing me up with the lovely Row from What Row Chose.