Sunday, 14 September 2014

room changes.

Sorry I haven't been posting that much lately, I am now working two jobs and alongside that have been trying to spend a bit more time with my friends and fella so haven't been at my computer much! I did, however, have a bit of spare time today so after wrapping up some presents ready for my lovely mamma's birthday next week and sorting out my wardrobe I decided to have a change around in my room. I've never really changed my room before, it's been decorated as i've grown up and a few years ago when we were doing building work it got completely re-done but i've always basically kept it the same, until today! I saw a beautiful bedding set in asda: george home and just had to buy it, I put it on and then started thinking if there was anything else I could do to give my room a bit of a 'fresh' look, after lugging my ridiculously heavy bed around and moving some drawers and other bits and pieces I was pretty happy with the outcome... so this is just a little post about my new room layout and I will hopefully be back into my post writing next week :)

bedding set from george home - £12

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