Tuesday, 23 September 2014

winter warmers.

As much as I love the heat in the summer autumn has got to be my favourite season and now we are officially in it I have started to buy my autumn/winter clothes. I’m not really sure what kind of winter style I’m going for this year, normally it’s just massive jumpers and boots, but I have got a thing for colourful tights at the moment and am trying to incorporate them more in to my style.

First thing I had to decide on was my winter coat and after seeing my mum’s last year it was a no brainer. Faux fur! There are so many out there and I was finding it quite hard to find a particular style I liked and then I came across a beautiful one.

It’s from an app I downloaded a while ago called ‘depop’; it is individual sellers and old/out of season stock from some retailers. I bought the coat from an individual seller and it looked lush in the pictures! After ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ for a while I thought for £15 I may as well go for it, it is such a lovely fit and beautifully soft and fluffy, the condition was near perfect so I was very happy!

Another cheeky little purchase I made were these simple trousers from River Island, they are a nice tailored fit and can be dressed up or down (keep an eye our for a day to night post on them soon!). They are such a beautiful colour and feel so nice on, think this is probably my fav purchase of the month!

Trousers from River Island - £35

River Island have this great selling tactic where they put something really lush right in your eyeline as you walk out of the changing rooms, needless to say I came out from trying these trousers on and in front of me were the cutest pair of shoes. I'm not normally a fan of slip on daps but the tartan pattern on these just attracted me to them straight away so needless to say another item went in the River Island basket.

Daps from River Island - £20

Finally, as I mentioned at the beginning I have got a bit of a crush on colourful tights this fall and H&M stock a massive range and variety of them, at £3.99 each you can't really go wrong and they add a bright dash of colour to plain outfits and can completely turn them around.I went for a nice wintery burgundy colour and a vibrant mustard yellow!

Tights from H&M - £3.99 each

Would love to hear from people about their favourite winter items or products they have bought recently :)

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