Sunday, 5 October 2014

vintage wonderland.

I had the privilege of visiting a gorgeous vintage fair yesterday right here in Bristol! My mum came across an advert for it on facebook and after pointing it out to me I decided straight away that I would be going, it was in The Passenger Shed which is a small little warehouse type building next to Temple Meads train station and was a lovely little venue. We started off rummaging through some clothes rails and within seconds my friend Trudie had found a jacket to purchase, there were so many lovely items but I decided to be good and wait until I we'd looked around a bit more before buying.

There was a great atmosphere at The Vintage Fair, people were dressed up in their vintage clothing, there was music playing, it had a lovely (but after a while a bit overwhelming!) vintage smell and everyone was walking around with huge smiles on their faces! Although the majority of the stalls were clothing we came across a few jewellery and bric-a-bric ones along the way, some of the jewellery was absolutely beautiful, it had a gorgeous vintage/rustic look to it and so much character and the stalls selling homeware/books/ornaments were like stepping back in time! There was also a lovely little stall that took old furniture and restored it, they had cabinets that had been repainted and looked beautiful and a very interesting nest of tables with a funky flamingo print on them, an item I wish I had been to buy! 
Every item had so much history to it and although vintage they had all been very well looked after and in excellent condition, I wish I had known how many items I would have fallen in love with so I could of prepared myself to purchase them all! I didn't purchase any but there was always a long queue leading to the tea and cake stand, the cakes were huge victoria sponges and red velvet cakes and looked delicious, the tea was served in a little cup and saucer out of a vintage looking teapot and this is what inspired my first purchase. I bought a stunning teacup and saucer set with a little teabag inside waiting from Curlies Vintage, it had such a cute, dainty look to it and I just thought it was beautiful, at only £10 I could not walk away without buying it and also bought a little handmade vanilla candle!
At this point we had already been there for two hours and I could of spent another two looking around again, there was so much that every time I went back I would notice another item of jewellery or clothing that I didn't see the first time, but at the risk of not ever wanting to leave we decided to have one last quick sweep around the fair before heading off. It was a lovely day and I will definitely be going again the next time The Vintage Fair returns and would advise anyone, whether your in to vintage or not, to pop in too!

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