Wednesday, 1 October 2014

tangle troubles.

I don't really like writing 'bad reviews' as I feel everyone has their own opinions and experiences of different products but unfortunately I feel like I have to write one regarding this product. Anyone who knows me, or has stalked my instagram or twitter will know that I have crazy frizzy/curly hair and it is just completely out of control unless I straighten it, so when I heard about the 'tangle teezer' I thought it would be a god send if it worked.
My mum has had one in the house for a while but I've never got around to using it, I don't want to bore anyone but I've been really unwell for the past month (working with children does not make it easy to get over an illness) and as I was straightening my hair the other night and going through my usual ritual of pulling my hair out trying to get a brush through it I thought 'I really can't be arsed with this tonight' so I went and grabbed my mum's 'tangle teezer' and went to brush my hair like a normal person. Not quite. The 'tangle teezer' had pretty much the same effect on my hair as a brush, at first I thought maybe where my hair is sooo curly I just need to be a bit softer with it at first so I tried doing little sections at a time built unfortunately it made no difference, my hair got caught on it to the point where it wouldn't pull through any further, it ripped out and at one point got stuck... it was very painful and nowhere near as easy as it seemed on tele and online. I was really disappointed as it looked like such a good product and having seen the demonstrations on girls who have hair like mine I wouldn't have doubted it in the slightest, but in the real world this product just does not work for me :( 
If anyone with really curly hair has used this product and had a good experience/outcome from it please let me know because,as I said, everybody has their own opinion and experience and it may be completely different to mine so I would love some feedback!

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