Friday, 26 December 2014

christmas 2014.

This year has been my first Christmas away from home and has definitely been strange! Although I missed waking up with my family it did get me thinking about starting to make our own Christmas traditions, so many families have certain ways of doing things at Christmas and i'd love to find something special for us. Anybody who has any traditions to share feel free!

Obviously one of the main aspects of Christmas are the presents and, as always, I have been very spoilt by all my loved ones. I started off my day exchanging my gifts with Jake and was completely surprised by them, as well as getting the complete Harry Potter box set on blu-ray I also got tickets to ''The Making Of Harry Potter"tour to go with it! I have been dying to go for so long and am absolutley over the moon about getting tickets :D

After spending the morning together I made my way down to my mum and dads where another load of amazing presents were waiting for me from my parents, relatives and friends. My main present this year was my new sofa and armchair for my house so i wasn't expecting a lot but after sorting through the presents i soon noticed my pile getting bigger. I'm very lucky that my momma has brilliant taste in clothes and I always get loads of wonderful new wardrobe fillers from her, this year included a cute LBD, a new pencil skirt, a fitted burgundy dress and a butterfly skater dress. Alongside the clothes was a thermal mug (which I have wanted for ages!), some mega cute butterfly fairy lights, high quality hair products from tigi, a 'bathina' set from Benefit and lots of other cute little presents.
My grandad has a tradition of always giving every grandchild £20, no more, no less but it came as a nice surprise this year as he had helped me out when I had some car trouble earlier this year. A little while later my wonderfully nutty aunt arrived with a bag of treats, a gorgeous new velvet throw, a jasmine oil cuticle repair tube and an absolutely beautiful Liz Earle collection bath set. Me and Jake also got a joint present from a close family friend which was a very quirky pizza slice plate!

My final Christmas day stop, after stuffing myself to the brim on my parents delicious Christmas dinner, was to see Jakes family where i got a pretty caviar nail kit from his sister with beautiful colours and little nail art accessories! We had already received a Christmas food hamper from his mum so I wasn't expecting another present to go with it but as always she surprises me with a lovely present, a River Island bag and matching purse which also matches my current bag! By now I was feeling well and truly spoilt by everyone and am so grateful for all my amazing family and friends.

This is just a little insight into my Christmas, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas too and an amazing new year!


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