Wednesday, 31 December 2014

to me love me.

Christmas spirit to me is more about giving gifts than receiving them, I love watching my friends and families faces as they open gifts that I've put a lot of thought into. Having said that, it is near impossible to go into all those shops to buy presents without treating myself to a thing or two!

Although it's been nice to treat myself I made sure I didn't over indulge as it's always a tight month just after Christmas so I only picked up a few cute pieces. Normally I don't spent a lot of time in Topshop, it's only on occasion that I find items I like but this month seemed to be a big hit for me in there. First of all I picked up a nice little top, it didn't look like much but when I put it on it was such a beautiful fit and really suited my figure so I absolutely had to buy it! The material is quite thin but surprisingly warm too which makes it perfect to wear in this cold weather. I also grabbed a few items from their 'cosmetics' stand, the only items I have ever bought from here have been nail varnish and a kabuki brush so I wasn't really sure on the quality but after a bit of support and advice from one of the team members at the 'Bristol Cribbs Causeway' branch I chose an eyelash curler, a lipstick and a new eyebrow pencil. 

Long sleeve 'space dye' top (£20) - Topshop

Eyelash curler (£5), eyebrow pencil (£6) and 'mink' lipstick (£8) - all Topshop

I have had my eyebrow pencil for a number of years now and I was devastated when I noticed it running out the other week, I was nervous about using a new one as I find it difficult to get used to new products when I've had the same one for so long, but it was a perfect shade and went on nicely, not too light but not too blocky! I have really gotten into wearing lipsticks recently and am quite adventurous when it comes to trying new shades, I like anything from pinks to purples and browns to nudes, after trying a number of shades I decided on 'mink' which is a lovely light brown shade, which also has a very distinctive chocolate smell to it! My last purchases from here were from their strategically placed stands in the queue to the tills, they're not anything special but stood out to me straight away as being mega cute, a little pair of seal socks and a 'pug plug' adorable!

Pug plug (£6) - Topshop

New Look is another shop I have swayed to again recently, after going through a stage of not liking any items of theirs, as their new lines of shoes and clothing seem to be going back to their 'simple but stylish' ways. Boots! I have not treated myself to a new pair of boots in about three years (criminal!) and finally decided enough was enough, the moment I stepped into New Look I saw a pair of boots on one of their displays and just thought perfect, they have a bit of a chunky heel to them but are ridiculously comfy and the little silver buckle on the side gives them that bit of an edge that takes them away from being another pair of plain boots. I have had them for little over a week now and I think I have worn them nearly every day with every kind of outfit imaginable. Keeping with the 'simple' aspect of clothing I picked up a loose fitting t-shirt too with the slogan 'Nothing To Wear' on it, a phrase I say very regularly! 

Nothing to wear top (£7.99) - New Look

 I have wrote about this small, Bristol based company in a previous post and loved the two-piece I received from there so much I had to purchase another product from Jaceys Clothing. This time, as it is winter, I decided on a stunning pair of jade tartan trousers from their tartan trouser range, they have an elasticated waist so can be worn high waisted or on my hips and are a slim, straight leg fit. They are really light and very comfy and looked great dressed up or casual.

I had a girls day out in town with a friend to see what post Christmas bargains we could find and surprisingly I found myself in Primark, a shop I very rarely venture in to, as it was early morning the shop was extremely quiet which as bliss! we wandered around for a bit and after a while found a 'sale' stand with a super fluffy hoody on sale for £5, it was a neutral colour and not a particularly 'interesting' hoody but one I will definitely be using during the next few winter months due to its thickness and fluffyness. As well as the hoody, a t-shirt caught my eye which tied in perfectly with the recent presents I received, a Harry Potter top! It has a simple design on it but am very excited to wear it to the tour (and out and about).


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