Wednesday, 4 March 2015

lipsy london two-piece.

I have finally received my uniform from Lipsy London and let me tell you I have had hours of fun picking out my outfits! I will probably talk about some of my other purchases at a later date when I get the chance to put outfits together and style them but I cannot contain my excitement for this two-piece any longer and have been talking about it to everyone!

One of the things that really fascinated me about this two-piece was that it was knitted, we are in the horrible Spring transition at the moment where it's too cold to start wearing dresses and skirts without a jacket, but too warm to be wearing coats and scarves when the sunshine is out so I was a bit worried that I would overheat in work with this on all day, I tried it on and although the material is really good quality it wasn't overly thick, in fact it was probably the same thickness as a pair of good quality leggings. Once it was on I was sold, the skirt was the perfect length for my height (5"4 if you're wondering!) and the high neck on the top made up for the little bit of coverage you loose over your belly, that was another big yes for me, I only had about an inch of stomach showing, enough to see that it was a two-piece but not enough to make me feel self-concious.

Because of the knitted material it was so flexible and adaptable which was great as it was going to be for my uniform and I stood in the changing room trying out some work poses to see how comfortable I would be (crouching down to pick up an item, reaching up onto the shelves, putting clothes away) every movement I made felt as comfy as it would in pyjamas. It has a cute, subtle triangular pattern on it and I love the colour too, a really deep, navy blue. So far I have only worn it with flat shoes but I'm sure with boots or heels it would look like a whole new outfit.

I could basically go on for another ten paragraphs about how much I love this set but I think you get the idea, it is a real winner for me and not something I would normally choose so I urge you all to go out and try on something in a shop you would never normally dream of wearing, it might surprise you!


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