Thursday, 1 January 2015

goodbye 2014, hello 2015.

I was going to put a post up yesterday with my 'New Years Resolutions' but as I wrote down the usual 'lose weight', 'visit different countries', and 'eat healthier' cliches I started to think 'what do I really want from this year?'. 2014 was a pretty amazing year for me, I turned 21, got promoted at work, got to finally stay in the Thorpe Park hotel, went to Gran Canaria for the second time with Jake, took my first holiday in years with my family, finally moved in with Jake after five years and got the opportunity to go back and visit Tokyo again. so what New Years Resolutions could I make to ensure 2015 was even better?

- Be healthier
I don't mean that as in just dieting and exercising, but actually making my body healthier. I will hold my hands up and say I 100% do not eat the recommended fruit and vegetables a day or drink the recommended amount of water and to be honest, there's no reason why I cant make the effort to at least do half, if not the full amount. I'm not a huge fan of water unless it is ice cold and leaving a bottle of water in a warm room all day at work isn't ideal but nevertheless I'm going to try and make the effort, fruit should be easier, and something I should of started a long time ago, as I absolutely love all fruits! I started doing exercises and weight lifting about a week ago when we moved the gym equipment in but as well as exercising I want to just get my body moving a bit more each day again, I live in a beautiful location right next to a coastal walk so what's stopping me from walking along there a few times a week to get a bit of fresh air?!

- Be happier
There must be so many times a day I complain but having to do one thing or not being able to do another thing and the only person I can complain to is myself. There are many aspects of my life that I'm hoping to change this year (some that I can't mention at this precise moment) and I fully intend to carry them all out. I'm not saying being good with money is a bad thing at all, but I have always been raised to be so careful with money and making sure I put savings away that sometimes it holds me back from doing or getting something that I really want. Obviously circumstances are a little bit different now that i have moved out but I hear myself saying so often "maybe I'll just get it another time" or "should we be doing this when we need pay for this next week", when realistically it wouldn't make that much of an impact into my bank account. I'm hoping by being a bit more chilled out with myself it will mean that I can start to be more carefree, have a bit more fun and make some more memories :)

- Be an explorer
Now by this I don't mean I'm going to go out, buy a boat and start sailing the ocean, but the amazing trips I have taken this year have made me realise how much there is to see out there, not necessarily even in different countries, but places that are only a short drive away from home. For example, I have never been to Buckingham Palace. One of the most significant places in our country, a place that is a few hours drive up the motorway, yet I've never seen it. Also 'Stonehenge' , the Lake District, the Roman Baths, so many amazing places to see and learn from and there are no reasons that I can't visit them! Of course there are sightseeing opportunities abroad that I would like to do but i may only pick one or two to achieve for this year!

- Make time
Finally my last resolution for this year is to make time. Time for friends, time for family, but most importantly, time for myself. The past few months I have felt like I was going to to go crazy, working 10 hours a day, coming home, moving furniture, tidying up, cooking, cleaning, everything was put on hold including going out and spending time with my loved ones. This year i am going to make sure that I visit friends and family as often as I can, try to plan a day out with them somewhere at least a few times a month, but I am also going to (try) to find time for myself, to sit down, chill out, start a book, watch a film, write up my blog, just a few hours a week where I can forget about all the stresses that envelop my daily life.

I'm sure many of you have your own personal resolutions and I wish you luck fulfilling all of them this year! 


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