Thursday, 26 February 2015

mini house haul.

Even though we have been in our house for five months now I am still in the process of getting everything together and making it feel homely, this week I decided to go out and do a little bit of a shop for some living room pieces and a few items for my kitchen, as I am now changing it to pastels.

As always I had to go into Next Home, is has been my favourite homeware shop forever; even before I got my own house and I absolutely love all their products, the quality is amazing too! Most people think of Next being an expensive shop but if you look around you can get a lot of items fairly cheap (I bought a picture in there the other week for only £20) in total I spent £38 on my little shop and got some beautiful pieces. First there was a wooden photo frame with a message engraved into the side of it, I love the wooden, log cabin kind of look and the message on the photo frame gives it a really special feel. I also bought an orange ceramic owl candle holder which is mega cute and fuels my love of candles even further and a shabby chic heart hanging mirror, it hangs off of a ribbon and is the perfect size to add a feature to a wall. For the kitchen my pastel purple, cream and green oven gloves were an instant winner for me (I know it's really boring but I was so excited about them, they even have little frills around the bottom and a sweet message!) and so were the pair of ceramic bird shaped salt and pepper shakers.

I have been looking around for a bookcase for a while now and when I stumbled upon one in Argos for £13 I had to buy it. My living room has all white furniture in it so I went for the white bookcase although you can get it in five different colours, it was a little bit smaller than I thought it was going to be but after rearranging a bit of furniture I found a lovely little corner for it to tuck into. Being the domestic goddess I am I put it together myself and it was surprisingly easy, it took me about 40 minutes in total to put it together and all I needed was a screwdriver (although it did recommend to use a power-drill which would have been easier), you can position the shelves yourself and they are adjustable after assembly, but for now I have just popped mine equal spaces apart. While I was in there I spotted a mirror for £20 and purchased it to go up in my hallways, the perfect way to check my outfit before I leave in the morning and also makes the hallway look bigger!

Over the past year ASDA have really stepped up their homeware range and the george home items they have now are lovely! I have picked up quite a few pieces from them since moving in and for £5 I would have been stupid to not get the gorgeous little birdcage candle holder they had. It's white and a bit scuffed up in some places but I'm not sure whether that's due to wear and tear or the design, either way it gives it a nice vintage finish.

The other few pieces in my living room corner, like the butterfly lights and the orange flowers, were gifts from family so I am unsure where they came from but I have seen similar items all over the place recently! So that is the newest, most recently finished addition to my house, I am obsessed with interior design so please let me know any styles that work for you or any cute homeware pieces you have seen!


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  1. Such a lovely decoration <3 I like the heart mirror that you hang there, it's very pretty :)