Friday 20 February 2015

beauty box swap.

About once a week I sit down and read through endless of amounts of blogs, to get inspiration, find out about new products and read peoples reviews, during one of these sessions I came across the blog ohhsoglam by Sarah. At the time she was hosting an international beauty swap, I had a read through it and it sounded amazing, I left my details and not long after I received an e-mail pairing me up with the lovely Row from What Row Chose.

We sent a few e-mails back and forth and spoke about which products we like and would like to try and set a date to send our boxes, we also decided to stick to the £20 limit. I received my box the other day so haven't had the opportunity to try out the products yet so I am going to do a brief overview of this products in this post and then some more detailed reviews soon!

The products came in the most gorgeous bright pink sparkly box which I loved and am going to be keeping to put more products in! There was also a little note in there talking about the different products she had sent which I thought was a really nice touch.

It was a nice mixture of hair, skin and beauty products and from out e-mails we realsied we had a lot in common, both having curly hiar and senstive skin, so I had complete confidence in the itmes Row had picked out for me. For the hair rpoducts there was a Boots 'curl creme' and a got2be 'texturizing salt spray', I haven't used either of these products before but they are supposed to be briliant for curly hair and Row hightly reccomemened the 'curl creme' for dealing with frizz and defining curls, a problem I find not many hair products address!

For the makeup aspect of the box there was a MUA 'dusk till dawn' eyeshadow pallette which included lots of lovely neuatruals with a dash of colour in there too (greens and purples are my favourite!) and alongside it the MUA 'inrense colour' eyeliner pencil. There was also a Collecetion lipstick in the shade 'gothic glam' whcih I have been using everyday so far! It is such and isntese colour and lasts really well throughout the day.

Finally the skincare products, there was a Karen Ballentyne 'organic beeswax' lip balm and Soap and Glory 'hand food', I use Soap and Glory all the time and love this hand cream, although I am using a different one at the moment I always have one of these stashed away so I am so glad I have been sent this as mine is running a  bit low! I use lip balm on a daily basis, especially in this cold weather and love having one to keep in my handbag, as I mentioned I have very sensitive skin so it's great having lots of organic products to use.

Oh, also Row included a little pack of strawberry laces for me, a nice treat to snakc on while writing this post! :)

I really enjoyed taking part in Sarah's beauty swap and hope to participate in lots more in the future, have any of you taken part in any beauty box swaps? I would love to hear your thoughts on them, or any information about any coming up!



  1. MUA pallete is brilliant, you'll love it! the pigmentation is incredible! I'd love to take part in one of these

  2. I've never tried it before, am really excited! I really enjoyed doing my swap, keep an eye out online for any, you'd be surprised how many there are ! xx