Saturday, 28 February 2015

butterbear bath.

Last night I had the pleasure of using the gorgeous 'butterbear' ballistic from Lush, the first thing I noticed before I even put it into the water was how divine it smelled, it was so sweet and fresh and, without trying to sound too cheesy, relaxing.
I didn't really take any pictures or videos as it was white and you couldn't really see the effect it was having but as soon as I dropped it into the water it started to fizz and the little fragments of colour released along with the cocoa butter. Once the whole ballistic has dissolved I jumped in and straight away I could feel the moisture in the bath and on my skin, it was so soft and silky! The smell lingered the whole time I was in the bath which was nice as I have found the they can sometimes fade quite quickly and once I had got out of the bath my skin continued to feel moisturised.

I really enjoyed using this product as I haven't used any of the 'butter' range before and I can't wait to purchase some more to use!


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