Wednesday, 27 August 2014

simply beautiful (collection).

As I mentioned in my previous post, another brand in my house that is good to use on sensitive skin is SBC (simply beautiful collection). I was going to include this brand in my last post but they have so many wonderful products I thought it deserved one of it's own :). The first thing I ever noticed about this brand was the gorgeous luminous colours of the products! It's like having a little rainbow in my bathroom, but the more I looked into the products the more I realised how amazing they were for different skin problems.

Most of my SBC collection contains items from the collagen range, this range is especially good if you suffer from dry skin or have mature skin and there are a number of different products, all of which contain ingredients that hydrate and plump and can help reduce lines and wrinkles or, in my case, prevent them from appearing in the first place! The main one I use is the 'collagen skincare gel' , it is really good for dry skin and adds lots of moisture. You apply it all over the face and body and can be used anytime of the day, I find it better to apply at night or after a bath as it can take a while to fully absorb but as long as your not in a rush, anytime of the day would be fine. The 'collagen bath and shower creme' is another product in the collagen range, SBC advise that for use in the shower you apply a couple of pumps to a sponge and then lather, or in the bath just add a couple of pumps into the running water and then get in, soak and relax! One of the big selling points for me with these products is that they are so easy to use, it isn't hard to add them into your beauty routine and you can use them everyday or a few times a week and will notice a difference. Their 'collagen 3-in-1 cleanser' works in the same way as most other facial cleanser but also removes makeup and exfoliates your skin, it also comes with a very cute pink facial shammy which is like a little sponge pad, very soft and very smooth! The final two collagen products we have are two that I haven't got around to using yet, they are the 'collagen hydra-gel serum' and the 'collagen day and night cream' I haven't incorporated them into my beauty regime yet but my mum has been using them for a while and has said that they are both lovely light, refreshing creams that not only moisturise but re-hydrate the skin too.

Another product that I have been using more and more lately is 'propolis skincare gel', like all SBC products it can be used all over your face and body and you can use it as much or as little as you like. The main benefit of 'propolis skincare gel' is that it contains natural antibiotics so it is a wonderful healing gel, it's great to use on sensitive and sore skin (eczema, rashes, psoriasis) and will not cause any irritation.
Then, there is the 'arnica skincare gel', it relives muscle aches, pains and cramps and can also reduce the pain and swelling from bruising if it is applied quickly after a bump. It can be used on children too and has a very quick absorption time. I was skeptical about this one at first but after using it to help with cramps  I noticed how quick and effective it was.
Finally, the 'aloe vera skincare gel', it works as a soother and a cooler and is an absolute lifesaver during the summer as it's great to use on sunburned, overheated and recently shaved skin. It cools and calms very quickly and absorbs gradually into the skin to give longer relief. A little tip; the 'aloe vera skincare gel' can also be kept in the fridge to give a super cooling effect!

SBC products can be bought from their website and a number on online retailers including designer beauty and QVC.

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