Monday, 16 February 2015

bath time ft. simply supplements.

Having dry skin and hair I am always on the look out for exciting new things to try that can add some extra moisture, so when I was sent some oils from Simply Supplements this week I was very eager to try them out.

I was sent the 'sweet almond oil' and the 'tea tree oil', there are a number of ways you can use the products; in the bath, in your hair or just on the skin, I decided to try one of each and used the 'sweet almond oil' on my hair and the 'tea tree oil' in the bath. The instructions for the 'sweet almond oil' weren't entirely clear so I wasn't sure whether to put it on dry or wet hair, as I was in the bath anyway I washed my hair and added it as it was drying. The oil didn't have a fragrance at all which I was a bit surprised about and as it came out it was very runny, but after rubbing my hands together a bit it became thicker and I started to apply it to my hair, I rubbed it in from roots downwards and then used a little bit extra on my ends (as these are always dry!). Once my hair had complete dried it had a really luscious shine to it and my ends looked really healthy which very rarely happens!

Online Simply Supplements say to add six drops of 'tea tree oil' to a bath to lower as fever, being full of a cold this week(as I'm sure many of you are) this sounded perfect to me and while I soaked I put a few drops into the water and mixed it around. Now, I have been using tea tree oil for years, both on my hands and on my various piercings to help them heal, and have never had a problem with it but after laying in the bath for a few minutes I started to get a tingling on the back of my legs, I didn't think anything of it and continued to soak. A few more minutes went by and my legs were starting to sting so I got out and unfortunately I was left with a sore, red rash across the my legs, as I said I have never had a problem with tea tree oil so I can't see why it would have been a problem this time but it has deterred my from using the oil directly  on my skin just in case which was a shame.

I may try the 'tea tree oil' again soon just to see if it was just my skin having a bad day, but I will definitely be using the 'sweet almond oil' on my hair from now on as it has made my hair feel and look beautifully soft.


*I have been sent these products to review from Simply Supplements but all views and opinions are my own.

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  1. I love using Tea Tree! Always looking for more ways I can use it too. :)