Thursday, 12 February 2015

penguin bathtime.

Okay time for another one of my Lush baths and this time I went for the 'Christmas Penguin'. 

I got this is a box set in the Boxing Day sale so I don't think this is still available any more, it is a bubble bath instead of a bath bomb and I did need to break it a little bit to get the bubbles to start but one it was in a couple of pieces I started to notice the bubbles appearing!

It didn't really have a smell to it but made my bath super bubbly and as strange as it sounds I felt like the water was thicker and smoother, was a really lovely relaxing bath but as it didn't really have a scent to it I probably wouldn't buy again if it came out again next Christmas.

As always let me know any new (or old) Lush products you recommend!


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