Saturday, 7 February 2015

beautiful bristol.

I am very lucky that one of my partners sisters is also one of my closest friends and someone I love to spend time with. After popping round the other day for a quick catch up we decided to plan a cheap day out in Bristol and find fun things to do for free (or nearly free!). There is so much to do in Bristol that costs money and I always forget about the other things you can do, and also that a day out is what you make here, so here is what we got up to.

I have wanted to go in the Clifton 'giants cave' for years, so that was the first thing we did! For only £2 it is so much fun, especially as I was wearing high heeled boots, and after walking down what felt like a million steps and hitting my head on numerous rocks we came out at a little opening in the side of the cliff. I have lived in Bristol my whole life and always wondered how to reach the balcony on the cliff and now I was getting to find out, looking out over the gorge and the river made me really appreciate how beautiful Bristol is and why so many people travel here, we stood on the 'balcony' for a while and after taking the customary 'selfies' we decided to go for a stroll over the Suspension Bridge.

As we were walking across, taking pictures and gossiping ,we spoke about other things we used to do with family in Bristol when we were younger, in the wind and rain there was one obvious choice, the infamous open top ferry ride! We were unsure whether or not it was actually going to be running due to the weather but as we came round the corner we spotted 'Matilda' (one of the more well known ferries) and made our way down ready to set sail.Wanting to get the full boating experience we decided to brave the weather and sit outside, while all the people inside stared at us as through the window, and chose a full round tour which basically went all the way to the other end of the harbour and back. The captain put on some music for us and even though it was absolutely freezing and raining slightly it was so much fun and bought back so many childhood memories!

I think in total we each spent about £10 including parking and buying drinks which is so good for a few hours out in Bristol, it's made me realise that there is so much to do around here, even if I'm feeling the pinch a few days before pay day and there is so much in Bristol I still haven't seen or done. Bristol days out are definitely going to become a permanent thing, especially in the Spring/Summer! If anyone is visiting Bristol, or is like me and lives here but thinks there's noting to do, I hope this post has showed that there are so many things to do that don't cost the Earth, and anybody not from Bristol who is thinking of visiting I hope this has given you some idea of things to do!


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