Tuesday, 3 February 2015


As I mentioned in a post I put up a few months ago I was able to, not only, visit Japan but actually return there! I visited there in 2013 with one of my closest friends and had the most amazing time ever, last year I returned with my partner and had made a little list of places I would like to either visit again or see for the first time. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do everything as I caught a horrible virus and spent the last couple of days in bed but I still had a brilliant time. 

Straight away after stepping foot off the plane I remembered one of the best things about Japan, the helpfulness and friendliness of the people! I don't think we could stand still for more than a few minutes without people offering support or smiling at us, it is so reassuring being that far away from home and not feeling scared or apprehensive at all.

Another lovely thing about Japan in the weather, we went in the middle of November and I walked around the streets in leggings, sandals and a t-shirt, when I went in 2013 it was the middle of December and 35 degrees! It's so nice to have good weather when you are over there because Japan is the type of country you can just walk and walk around in and before you know it it's been five hours, you get lost in the beauty of the traditional scenery and astounded by the high-tech 500 story buildings around every corner. 

I won't talk you through every aspect of the trip but here are some photos of my time in Japan!

Hope you enjoyed seeing my little adventure, would love to hear what your favourite holidays are/were. 


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