Monday, 2 February 2015

pink pout.

Like all women, I have way to many lipsticks and glosses, waay to many. I was setting up my new makeup organiser the other day and realised that out of my ten million lip products I probably only actually wear a handful of them, some for day-to-day, some more for nights out and some just when I fancy a change, so I decided to have a rummage through and pick out my favourites. I am going to divide this into two post, one for light lipsticks and one for darks as otherwise I think post would go on forever! So, in no particular order, here are my top eight lights!

Soap and Glory 'sexy motherpucker' - this is a lipgloss with a special 'lip plumping' quality to it. I'm not going to lie and say I know how it works but all I know is your lips feel incredibly tingly and numb for a while and then your lips start to look fuller! Now if your expecting to go from Jennifer Aniston to Angelina Jolie then you are going to be disappointed.... it's not a dramatic change but I do notice my lips having a bit more plumpness to them and they at least feel fuller if nothing else it's a lovely dark pink shade too!. One of the main downsides to this lipgloss is it's incredible stickiness, much, much more sticky than any other glosses I've used but that may be due to the formula. (7/10)

Markwins 'lip crayon' - this piece was given to me by my mum along with a few other lip crayons. It is very bright and it took me ages to feel confident enough to wear it, I don't wear it on a regular basis but paired with the right outfit and style of makeup it can look quite flattering. It glides onto lips really easily and you literally colour them in as if it were a crayon. Quick tip, make sure your lips are fairly moist before applying it or you wont be able to colour in the creases very well. (6/10)

NYC 'lipstain' - I have a few shades of this particular lipstain, the first one being 'persistent pink'. I wasn't really a fan of lipstains up until about a year ago but I have found lately that I am using them a little bit more. The thing I liked about them is that where they 'stain' your lips instead of 'colouring' them the colour is quite subtle, you almost don't notice you've got it and as it is a stain it doesn't come off easily either. I love this colour as it gives a kind of natural look to your lips and isn't too overpowering. (7/10)

NYC 'lipstain' - This is another lipstain called 'champagne stain' it works the same as the previous one but this shade is slightly darker and doesn't suit me as well so I don't tend to wear this as often. (5/10)

Avon 'colourtrend' - a while ago Avon had an offer on for 3 lipsticks for the price of 1 so obviously I had to order three! The first colour I picked was 'flirt' which looked quite peachy in the tube but it actually a bit more orange when applied. It is a moist lipstick which makes it go on really easily and gives good coverage, unfortunately the orange doesn't look that good on me as it's quite bright but I do still wear it on occasion with certain outfits! (6/10)

Avon 'colourtrend' - another one of the colours I bought from Avon was 'passion' it's a really nice pink shade and one I wear quite often during the day. It's not too overpowering and with a light pink blush gives a really nice soft finish to a basic makeup look. (8/10)

Avon 'ultra glazewear' - I love Avon lipsticks and lipglosses, as you have probably noticed and they are always such a good price. The nice thing about them is that every now and again when a range gets discontinued you are guaranteed to find one so similar to it and I am yet to find a lipgloss of theirs I don't like. The glazewear had a slight glitter quality to it which makes your lips have a beautiful sheen and sparkle and is not at all sticky which I find with other types of ligloss. (8/10)

Avon 'perfect kiss' - I have had this lipgloss for so long and as much as I love it I don't wear it that much as I'm worried it will run out! It has a gorgeous shimmer to it It's quite thick so the colour really stands out and it lasts for absolutely ages. (9/10)

This is just a small selection on my lipglosses/sticks but they are some of my favourites. I love pink shades when I am going for a light look and would love to hear any favourites that you guys can recommend!


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