Thursday, 5 February 2015

valentines £20 gift guide.

Valentines day is just around the corner and once again we all have the struggle of finding our loved ones gifts! Me and my partner have been together for over five years now so in all honesty we don't really 'celebrate' Valentines day but we will always get each other a little gift and card. We moved out a few months ago so, unfortunately, we have to be a bit grown up about what we spend money on now which has led me to looking into cheap (but still fun) gifts to give, so here is my £20 or under Valentines gift guide!

marks and spencers - £20

First up is this gorgeous gift box from Marks & Spencer, I think sometimes with gifts it is more about the presentation then the present itself and the cute pinks and miniatures make this gift look like it's worth way more than it is. It contains a cava rosado champagne, pink marc de champagne truffles and a heart shaped biscuit and also comes ready in a gift box, so any partners that are a bit apprehensive about wrapping need not worry! 

Next we have the Ladybird 'cocktail gift pack', it is a fruity cokctial with apple, kiwi, lemon, raspberry and a dash of vodka. I love cocktails, especially sweet fruity ones, and am always on the look out for tasty ready made products to try out! The drinks come delivered in the jars and you can drink them straight from there or pour them into glasses, a pack contains two so you can share one with your partner or keep one back for later!

I have quite a lot of piercings and although you can get lots of quirky pieces of jewellery I like to keep mine simple and basic, these earrings do just that but also have a bit of character to them. It can be hard to wear non-matching earrings but this pair do it perfectly and come really well presented. They would not only make a great gift for Valentines day but for any occasion.

I had never heard of this product until recently when I was shopping around and I wish I had found it sooner! Colour Me Shave have a variety of different coloured shaving creams that stay bright and luminous all the way through and the different colours all have different fragrances. I have never really bought my partner shaving creams before, as I have no idea which products would be good or bad, but if I did it would definitely be from here. 

Another quirky product I came across was this 'Mexican Wrestler Bottle Opener', a more practical present than most of the others but with a twist to it. It comes in 3 different colours and poses which are randomly selected and a pleasant change from the boring silver bottle openers my partner always has to use!

When 50 Shades of Grey came out obviously I caught on to the hype and, along with every other women in the UK and beyond, sat and read this book while my partner sat there wondering what was so fascinating about it. There is now a man's alternative to the book in this lovely poster! As soon as I saw it I knew it would be a piece that my partner, and probably a lot of other peoples, would appreciate and if not, it may turn out to be something useful when we decorate!

I love tea and coffee and I think since living together I have pushed that love onto my partner too which makes these cups even more perfect. They are so simple but so cute and could be given as a gift to your partner or a couple you know as well.

The last item I came across was the 'date jar'. When you first get into a relationship you want o be together all the time and go everyhwere together, I am very fortunate that I still feel like that in my relationship but shift work and money commitments mean that we don't always have the opporutnity to do thigns together naymore. This idea is really amazing and a great way to find things to do as a couple, it contains 'date' ideas and also blank cards to write your own ideas down on, you choose how often you are going to pick a card and then follow the instructions for your date!

If you have found any other cheap/quirky gift ideas let me know in the comments :)


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