Tuesday, 13 January 2015

curly hair routine ft. tigi pro.

For years I have stressed over my curly hair, the big frizz and unruly stray curls drove me insane so I spent most of my life using chemicals and irons to try and keep it straight, bombarding it with products, growing it, cutting it, everything! As I have grown older I have started to embrace my curls and look for ways to keep it under control, this year, after receiving some amazing presents and looking up peoples thoughts on 'the best way to control frizzy hair' online I have finally found a solution that works for me, yay! I wanted to share this with all of you and I hope if there is anyone out there with curly hair who is going through the same issues I went through that this may help.

As you may have seen in a my previous Christmas post this year I received a tigi pro 'reconstructing' set. I have got super curly hair and I am always on the lookout for new, top quality hair products to use! There are a lot of salon brand shampoos and conditioners I have tried and tested and although they didn't make my hair any worse they never seem to have made a significant difference to the condition of it either, so when I opened this on Christmas day I was intrigued to try it.
I had never heard of tigi pro before but knowing my mum only buys me the top hair care products I knew they must be a reputable brand, I decided to take a snoop at their website online (which I have linked to the description on my picture!) to get a bit more information about them. Straight away I noticed they produce a range of different tigi brands, one of which being bed head. products which are very well known to me! After reading up on a few of their other products I decided it was time to try it out and so began step one of my hair care routine.
First I washed and shampooed my hair as normal, the shampoo felt like it had lathered up a lot but when I looked you could hardly tell it was on my hair which was lovely, when it came to conditioning the experts on the back of my bottle recommend that you apply the conditioner, comb it through and then leave it for a few minutes, I did this and then let it soak it before rinsing it off and combing my hair again ready for phase two!

After I had jumped out of the bath I came to the hard part, leaving my hair to dry naturally! Normally I am straight to the towel or hairdryer because my hair takes so long to dry, I gently towel dried the ends of it (just to avoid dripping) and then picked up my bottle of VO5 'curl defining mousse', I squirted a small amount into the palm of my hand and started to work it through with my fingers before scrunching it up in my palm. I have used my VO5 mousse many times before but only normally on dry hair before a night out, never on wet hair. I read online that this will help to define my curls and keep them under control when my hair dries, you can use any brand of mousse but this is just the one I had to hand at the time!

curl defining mousse (£3.79) - VO5

As my mousse sank it I gave it a quick spritz with my Oribe 'Royal Blowout' spray, it is a highly concentrated formula that softens and straightens the ends while also helping to repair split ends! I absolutely love this spray but it comes with a very expensive price tag so I try to only use it as a treat very rarely! It also acts like a hair spray but doesn't stiffen the hair like normal hair sprays, just leaves it feeling soft and strong.

royal blowout spray (£41) - oribe

The last tip I have been reading lots online is something I used to do religiously but for some reason have let it slide in the past few months, applying argon oil to my ends! I got a little pot of VO5 'miracle concentrate elixir with argon oil' from a friend last Christmas and apart from being a little too greasy is a lovely product. I squeezed a few drops onto the palm of my hand and rubbed it into the ends of my hair softly and then that was it! I sat back, made a cup of tea and waited for my hair to dry, usually once my hair has dries the curls start going astray and the frizz starts to emerge but this time I looked in the mirror and smiled, there was none of that, just beautiful, frizz-free, defined curls!

miracle concentrate elixir with argon oil (£7.95) - vo5

It can be so hard living with curly hair sometimes but if you have a routine or know some tips it can make it so much easier. If anyone has their own routine or tips they would like to share please e-mail/message me or leave a comment!



  1. I'd love curly hair like yours, so envious!!!

    Rebecca xx

    1. aww thank-you sweet! it is lovely but so hard to manage! :)