Wednesday, 7 January 2015

space girl bathtime.

I have been using Lush products for, I don't even know how long now, it was one of those shops I used to go in for fun when I was younger because of all the colours and smells, then as I got a little bit older and started to get my pocket money and would try to gather up enough money to buy a bath bomb, because everyone know Lush are famous for their bath bombs, and then I got a job and joined the real world and started to purchase their various other products. As wonderful as all their other products are I feel the bath bombs are still the heart of Lush for me so I've decided to try out a load of their both ballistics and see what different effects they have, which means having a lot of fun, colourful baths!

The first bath ballistic I'm trying is the 'space girl' bath bomb, aptly named as this product is shaped, either as a spaceship or a planet, I couldn't quite figure out which I thought it was, and covered in one of my favourite substances, glitter! I started running the hot water and dropped it in, instantly the colour exploded out of it like a firework and one end of my bath turned a deep orange colour, once the orange had taken over my bath I started to notice the purple colour emerging too, it was a nice lilac shade but not as strong a colour as the orange so it did get enveloped a little bit. I don't know whether this is what it's supposed to do or whether my huge bath had an effect, but once the bath bomb had finished fizzing and had made its way around the tub the bright colour seemed to fade quite quickly and it became a sort of 'kind of orange but a bit mucky coloured' bath, I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for the luscious orange colour to remain but it still left behind a lovely smell so I wasn't too disheartened by this.

It was relaxing and I did like the smell of the bath ballistic but as I was hoping for quite a vibrant colour I probably wouldn't purchase this particular one againight in the future.