Saturday, 17 January 2015

january glossybox.

This month after hearing many good things and looking up several beauty boxes online I decided to purchase my first Glossybox. I only subscribed for one month as I was unsure whether I would like to products and at £10 (excluding p&p) it wasn't a lot to spend to test it out. I had a sneak preview of two products, neither of which I had heard of before, and then waited for the arrival of my Glossybox!

It came in it's own Glossybox packaging but the actual Glossybox was inside, a very cute pastel pink colour too, I opened it up to find the products wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon and upon opening that, saw them all led on a little row of shredded paper. I got a information card with the box explaining what the products were, how much they would normally cost and how to use them, I also had a £25 voucher for hellofresh to redeem. I read through the information and then started to try out the products.

First of all I tried the Kueshi 'pure&clean' facial toner, as instructed on the card I poured a large amount onto a cotton pad and rubbed it over my face. It had a very sweet smell to it and instantly made me feel refreshed, it sat on my skin really nicely and didn't sink in too quickly or stay damp and dewy on my face. I have only used it a few times but am hoping the more i do the better my skin will start to look and feel.

Next was the Jelly Pong Pong 'all over glow', again I referred to my instructions (as I have never used these products before!) and dabbed some along my brow and cheek bones before blending it. As I squeezed it out of the tube I noticed it was quite a goldish colour which I wasn't expecting, however, as I started to blend it in the colour completely faded and gave it a really shimmery, hydrated look. My eyes looked brighter and more awake and my skin looked glowing!

Then there was the very odd Nicka K 'colorlux' powder blush, it took me a moment to figure out how I was supposed to get the powder out but once I had started to 'dab' the sponge I could see it filling up with colour and applied it to my face. To be completely honest it was a bit too intense a colour for me, I usually go for very subtle blushers but the idea behind the deign was good and I am sure if i had received a lighter shade it would have been perfect!

I moved on to the MeMeMe 'eye pencil' in clay. Normally I only go for black eyeliners but thought I would try it as it was there, I actually really liked it! It was a much nicer, softer shade for a day-to-day look, as sometimes I find black can be too dramatic for everyday makeup, it glided on really smoothly and close to my lash line, easy to apply and make a big impact on my eyes! I probably wouldn't use it for a night out but definitely for an everyday look.

Lastly I tried the Naked Lips 'superfruit organic lip balm' which was gorgeous! It looks quite yellow in the tube but when applied it is transparent, it was so soft and felt absolutely wonderful on my lips, usually when I apply lip balm I put several layers on but with this just going over once was more than enough. It had a hint of sweetness to its smell and since receiving it I pick it up at least five or six times a day to reapply, definitely my new favourite!

I hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully I will continue to subscribe and get more lovely treats delivered. Any beauty boxes you recommend I would love to hear about so please let me know!


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