Friday, 9 January 2015

liz earle luxury.

I have been a huge fan of Liz Earle products for many years now and I was so fortunate to receive a beautiful botanical gift set of theirs for Christmas which contained a number of gorgeous products that I couldn't wait to use! It was a bath and body set and, as with every Liz Earle product, was presented so beautifully, I'm even considering keeping the box after the products are used up because it's so pretty. After swooning over the presentation of the products it was then time to get them out and give them a try!

My botanical gift set contained an 'orange flower botanical body wash' a 'botanical body cream' and their 'hand repair' cream. The best thing about doing products reviews is getting to test them out, which meant having to go and relax in the bath to use them, terrible! After lying down in the bath for a minute I picked up the 'botanical body wash' ready to start testing, the first thing that surprised me was that it was quite thick and gooey, I was expecting it to be soft and light like most of their other products, but after a few seconds of rubbing it in it soon thinned out and started to foam up. As I let it soak in I noticed the gorgeous scent of it, I wouldn't say it was necessarily an 'orange' or 'floral' scent but it was definitely sweet and very relaxing, I only used a little dot of the body wash but it seemed to go on for ages! After washing off the body wash, and taking note of how smooth and soft my skin was feeling already, I  finished up my bath ready to try out the next product.

The 'orange flower body wash' smelt so fresh and sweet and I wasn't expecting the 'botanical body cream' to smell and different but I was in for quite a shock! I wouldn't say it was a particularly bad smell but it certainly didn't have the same sweetness to it as the first product. Nevertheless as soon as I had been using it for a moment I stopped noticing it and started to realise the silky smoothness of the cream, it rubbed into my skin so easily and felt absolutely gorgeous. I put quite a large amount of cream on (normally my skin is so dry I have to use loads) but after rubbing and rubbing it didn't seem to go anywhere so I started to rub it up my arms and over my shoulders, even down onto my chest slightly! I think one of the main appeals that Liz Earle has is that their products are of such excellent quality for the price and they last forever, I have had creams that I use a few times a week that have lasted months. The cream was so lovely I wished I could have used it all day but being a busy women nowadays I had to sadly put the bottle down and get on with my daily chores!

After a busy day of cleaning, cooking and doing work I decided to sit down and give my little body a break. Of course using my hands all day meant my skin had become very dry so what better time to try out my 'hand repair' it had a slightly sweeter smell again, more like the 'body wash'. and after using it my hands felt soft and moisturised for hours, even when I had to continue with my housework!

In conclusion, Liz Earle have done an amazing job of providing me with more excellent products to clean, cleanse and moisturise my skin while causing no irritation or redness. Whether you suffer from sensitive skin or not I would highly recommend Liz Earle for their, natural, high quality products and brilliant formulas. Look out for a post coming soon reviewing some Liz Earle treats I managed to pick up in the sale!



  1. I've always wanted to try Liz Earle products and this just tempts me even more.
    Beautiful post!

    Rebecca xx

    1. thank-you! they are wonderful products, definitely worth giving them a go, especially while their sale is on! :)