Sunday, 4 January 2015

my river island wishlist.

As much as I love a good sale I am a sucker for new season stock and being a huge lover of River Island as soon as their stock was released I started compiling my wishlist. River Island is one of the very few shops I seem to be able to walk in to for a browse and leave with a complete outfit, from tops and trousers to dresses and bags, they always seem to have items that I adore in there. I have done a bit of 'online research' into their new stock and have chosen eight of my  'must-have' pieces for this month.

This item came to my attention through my River Island e-mail subscription, they had put together a 'casual' look including this shirt, you can get it in the blue stripe, white or pink but I personally preferred the blue stripe as it has a bit of a nautical look to it. It has a great fit and a great design and will look stunning with most outfit choices

 The next item to catch my eye was a pair of their 'Molly' jeggings, I'm a big fan of jeggings as I have found that having a small waist means most jeans either fit my thighs and bum but not my waist, or fit my waist but are too tight round my thigs and bum, jeggings have offered a great solution as they stretch to fit everywhere! I don't normally go for the ripped jean look but the lovely colour and only having the one tear gives it an edgy but not messy finish.

Nothing completes an outfit like a good pair of shoes and what better way to start the year than with another new pair of boots! The brown/grey colour on these are absolutley gorgeous and the buckle detail really finihses them off, they have an 11cm chunky heel which gives you that extra bit of height (and also makes your legs look slimmer!!) but keeps them comfy.

 The next two pieces are simple t-shirts but the print on them makes them really stand out. I love River Island tops, they always have a really great fit to them and are of exceptional quality, I own quite a few of their t-shirt already including some from their Stand Up To Cancer campaign. I really like the design on these tops and the price means they are a great way to be in style without breaking the bank.

Another 'cute but casual' piece that caught my eye were these super cute shorts! The nude colour makes them so versatile, they can be dressed up with heels and a nice top, or worn with a pair of sandals and a t-shirt, they are definitely going to be one of my pieces of the season and can't wait for the cold to pass so I can start incorperating them into my outfits!

As I stated above, the short can be dressed down or up and how can you think about dressing up an outfit without looking for a new pair of heels?! This train of thought led me to find these beauties, the pink court shoes! They are so simple yet beautiful and, much like the other pieces I have picked, could be dressed up for a night out or put with something more causual for a meal out. The colour is gorgeous and with a 10.5cm heel you can strut around efforletlssly.

Last, but by no means least, it would be a crime to start thinking about the up and coming seasons without dreaming about holidays and looking for a new piece of swimwear. Normally I go for the colourful bright bikinis but this swimsuit jumped out at me immideatly, it has a floral print covering it and a mesh panel cut out in the middle, throw in a pair of detachable straps and you have the perfect swimsuit! I will be looking for new bikinis this season too but being on an all-inclusive holiday can sometimes leave you feeling a bit bloated and not too body confident so having a swimsuit to cover you up but still make you feel glamourous is defineitly a must-have!

If anyone has any items they feel are going to be a 'must-have' for this season please let me know!


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