Monday, 26 January 2015

winter nails.

I was very fortunate this week to receive a tutorial from Julep with some useful tips for keeping healthy nails throughout the cold winter months. Working with children, doing housework and genreal day-to-day duties mean my hands and nails are not always in the best condition so I have followed their routine, mixed up with a few tricks of my own to help me beat the cold, cracked skin and nasty nails winter brings!

The first step was clip and shape, I try and grow my nails but working with children is not the bsest environemt for that so they normally end up chipping or snagging so I cut them down fairly short and filed them into a rounded shape. I don't like square, blocky nails so I normally round mine off whether they be long or short, they looked so much better straight away as I could get them all the same length (normally when they're longer I struggle to make them all even!) and they looked a lot tidier.

Next it was time to sort out my cuticles (which I never remember to do!!). On Juleps tips they recommend soaking your nails in their 'vanish cuticle softener and remover' for 30 seconds and perhaps even heat up the bottle beforehand, I have my own little concoction I use to rehydrate and soften my cuticles which involves tea tree oil! I use a little bowl of warm water with a generous amount of tea tree oil added to it, I love tea tree oil, it is a really good healing oil and I have been using it for years. I actually got my current bottle from a piercing shop when I went in for my last piercing but you can buy it from a number of places such as Holland and Barratt, The Body Shop and Boots. After adding the tea tree oil I put my fingertips in for a few seconds to soak and then pat dry with a towel, the tea tree oil will make your fingers feel a little greasy at first but once it soaks in they feel beautifully soft!

I only have a standard cuticle stick and it's pretty obvious what you do with it! I pushed my cuticles back slightly and carefully, don't over push, to give my nails a smart, tidy look and then move on to Juleps clean up stage which involves buffing the nails and giving them a good old wash!

I don't normally wear nail polish as I am only able to wear it on the weekends but after being sent the trending winter colours pallet I was feeling very tempted by their gorgeous frosty pastel nail polish colours like the 'kiki' and 'shari' and I had to go out and find a matching one! I really struggled to find a colour I liked and then I found the most beautiful pastel pink in the last shop I would think to look, ASDA! It was part of their own 'asda colour' range and isn't amazing quality but as I only wear varnish for a couple of days I don't really mind how long it lasts (and as you can see I am terrible at painting nails!). 

The last thing they recomened to do to keep hands and nails healthy is.... moisturise! It's such an easy thing to do and one I forget very often but since receiving my tips I have been more concious about doing this and it does make a difference! I use my Liz Earle hand repair cream as it is absolutely gorgeous and a little really does go a long way, I also rub a little bit of tea tree oil around my nails if the skin is looking a bit red or cracked!

I am always so focused on my skincare and makeup I almost forget about my hands which is crazy as they are the one part of my body that I overuse everyday! Julep have really made me think about hand care again and making sure I am looking after them and I have started to notice a difference lately after carrying out this routine. Let me know any tricks or tips you have for keeping your hands healthy!


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