Monday, 5 January 2015

my inspirations.

I started out this blog a few months ago as a sort of 'trial', I have always had a huge passion for make-up and beauty and wanted to find a way to express that, besides just going on to Jake all the time. To be honest, I was very naive when I started out and thought it would be easy to sit down and find things to write posts about every week but in reality it's like working two jobs! Thinking of new interesting topics to write about and then adding pictures, editing and actually making it a good read is such a difficult job and has made me really appreciate all the other people out there who blog. There are two things that made me decide to keep doing this, my passion and enthusiasm for fashion and beauty and the wonderful blogs that I read and follow, these people have really inspired me to keep going and it's from their posts that I take ideas for mine, so I wanted to take the time to share their fabulous blogs with you!

Firstly there is the gorgeous Chloe! A girl who I know outside of the online community and one of the big influences behind me starting up my blog. Her posts are always unique and she shares the most beautiful pictures on her instagram page, even if she hasn't posted a picture I often find myself wondering over there to have a nose at previous pictures she has been posting. Chloes' blog covers wide range of topics; makeup, beauty, gift ideas and lots more, which means that you will never two posts the same. She has inspired, and also made me curious, to try out many different products with her brilliant writing style and vast knowledge of everything she reviews and her commitment and passion for blogging comes across so much with every post she publishes! She is a really lovely girl and I have put some links to her pages on this post :)

You can find Chloe on these pages:

Another blog I follow, that you may be slightly more familiar with is Victoria from 'In The Frow', she has recently become a full-time blogger and YouTuber and, as a professional blogger, she has given me so many ideas about finding my own style, writing styles and post ideas. Her blog covers, pretty much everything, from hair to beauty and gift ideas to shopping hauls and like so many other people, her posts have inspired me to try new products and look up new companies online to try out. Victoria is an amazing example of how hard work, commitment and passion can help you achieve your goals and turn your passion into your career and that is why she has become such a huge role model to me!

You can find Victoria by searching 'In The Frow' but here are a few of her links:

youtube: inthefrow

Finally, there is the gorgeous Jamie-Lee from 'Glitter Infatuation', I have been following her blog and instagram for a while now and she composes the most amazing posts with relevant and interesting topics. What I love most about Jaime-Lee is that she reviews a wide range of products including your average 'high-street' brands, such as The Body Shop, Lush and Primark, her post are so captivating and she goes into great detail about the products she is reviewing which makes me feel confident about purchasing them in the future. It is so inspiring to see someone the same age as me doing so well and I look forward to following her journey and continuing to take inspiration from her.

You can find Jamie-Lee here

There are, of course, many, many, many other blogs/instagrams/twitters I follow to draw inspiration and ideas from but these are three that have really had a major influence and encouraged me to keep writing, even when sometimes it feels like I'm writing to myself! I hope that, if you don't already, you all go and take a look at these lovely ladies!


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