Sunday, 25 January 2015

think pink.

I tried out another one of my Lush bath bombs the other day from my little Lush haul and I have to say it was absolutely beautiful, I chose the 'think pink' bath bomb to try, I have heard so many people go on about this one over the past few months I thought it must be good!

I dropped it into my bath and straight away I could see the bomb fizzing and the water turning a baby pink colour. It had a very sweet, almost floral smell to it but was not overwhelming at all . After the bath bomb had fully dissolved I got in and first of all was very disappointed! As I sat down I noticed, what I thought were, pieces of the bath bomb undissolved at the bottom of the bath, how frustrating!. After further inspection however I realised they were actually little hearts that had come out of the bath bomb which I thought was such a cute touch!

It was a really relaxing bath and the pink colour was surprisingly soothing. A very good buy and think this is a bath bomb I would definitely purchase again :)


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  1. I love lush products - so gorgeous. Great post!
    Alex //