Friday, 23 January 2015

movie night, my top 10.

The past few weeks have been particularly freezing and what better way to tackle the cold than having a nice hot bubble bath before curling up under a blanket with a film! I subscribed to Netflix last year as I am always watching films and thought it would be nice to have them at my disposal but, unfortunately, I am a creature of habit and find I just end up watching the same ones over and over again or shows I have watched before. It got me thinking about the films I do really enjoy and what my absolute favourite films are, I have watched so many films it's unreal but there are always those that I can watch time and time again and not ever get bored of so I've decided to put a little post together about my all time favourite 10! (these are not in order)!

The Shawshank Redemption - I know I said these weren't in order but if they were this would be number one! I absolutely adore this film and have probably watched it over 100 times,  most people have watched it but if you haven't go get it!  I still get chills every time the warden makes the discovery! 

Silent Hill - I have so much love for this film after playing the games. I have played all of them and this film follows the story perfectly, it still terrifies me when I watch it and there are parts I have to cover my eyes on even though I have watched it before. The design and thought behind this film is amazing and a must watch for horror fans.

Spirited Away - My love for studio Ghibli is ever growing and this is the first one of their films I ever watched. I got it at a little shop on holiday when I was about 11 and it spurred on my obsession to collect all the films, which I have nearly done, and has now also led me to visit the indescribably amazing museum in Japan! 

Grave of the Fireflies - Another Studio Ghibli film but with a completely different feel to it. It is a very emotional film about children during the war in Japan, makes me cry every time and has a beautiful story. I have only watched this a few times but it is so moving, there are so many Ghibli films I love but none touch me quite as much as this one.

Ghost - A classic. Need I say more? 

Green Street - Taking the genre in a completely different direction and stepping into the world of football hooligans. I would have never thought of this film as being my cup of tea but it is surprisingly good! A really good watch and aside from the violence it shows a person's transformation as their life changes (if your looking for a message within it!)

The Green Mile - Another classic, doesn't hold a candle to the book (which I highly recommend) but is still a wonderful script and so, so emotional,  I had to watch it in two sittings as I cried so much.  One of those films you could watch with your partner,  your friends, your family, anyone really and just sit in silence the whole way through. Beautiful!

Lady and the Tramp - Nobody anywhere can deny that they have at least five favourite Disney films. I have so many that they could have taken up this whole list but I decided to pick one, it was hard to choose between this and The Lion King but as The Lion King is a bit more 'popular' I thought I'd go for this one. One of my favourites!

21 Jump Street - I haven't put in a comedy yet and I know this film is quite new but it is so hilarious. I have watched this film when I have been in the worst of moods and within 20 minutes have been crying with laughter, it's funny through and through and Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum paired together are just a perfect (who would of thought it!?) comedy duo.

This is England - To be honest this applies to both the film and the series. The mixture of drama, action and comedy is in a perfect balance and is also a film you may be able to relate to. The characters are so easy to get to know and it has an amazing story line. The series picks up where the film leaves off and they all roll together really well. For such a young actor Thomas Turgoose plays his part really well as a 'impressionable young boy' being surrounded by older friends. Any film that can make me laugh one minute then cry the next is a winner for me!

This isn't one of my usual posts but I hope you enjoyed reading and would love some recommendations of any films! Have been insanely busy the past few weeks but I will be getting back to my regular make-up/fashion posts from next week!


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